AST Senior Care Options welcomes you to health care group of Licensed Registered Nurses with commitment to improve the health and well-being of every Senior we serve.



What is AST Senior Care Options? AST Senior Care Options is a program developed by a group of Licensed Registered Nurses who are actively working in acute and ambulatory care settings. This health plan is not to take the place of your Health Insurance; but an OPTION to keep you and your family healthy and get the answers to many frequently asked questions.


Continuity of care and integration of services for AST Senior Care Options are an essential part of the program. These are accomplished using a Licensed Registered  Nurse specifically designated as having primary responsibility for coordinating the Senior’s overall health care. The Senior’s Primary Care Physician along with a AST Senior Care Options provide and coordinate the health care needs of every Senior. We takeour Mission very seriously and seek to make a  difference in improving the lives of every Senior. We educate from Senior member and everyone involved in Senior’s care.


How AST Senior Care Options Work? AST Senior Care Options operates as an Individual Option under a contract. 


Services we provide:

  •  Conduct initial and ongoing assessments of medical needs

  •  Create and maintain an individualized care plan (ICP)

  •  Determine need for primary care  and send recommendations as needed to avoid unnecessary and      inappropriate hospitalization

  •  Access for Nurse advice 24/7 at (800) 301-6198 or e-mail us @ 

        (Licensed Registered Nurse will return your call in 2 hours)

  • Educate by providing updates and conduct in-services on health prevention 



• Safety

• Nutrition

• Activities 

• Proactive Care

• Annual Screening & Routine well PCP appointments

• Importance of Immunizations for health prevention

• Recognition of symptoms for early intervention

• Updates with fast changing health informations


This unique plan incorporates health risk screening, medical and social assessment, care planning and ongoing service plan monitoring to identify Senior needs. 


Members will receive initial and ongoing assessment with a Licensed Registered Nurse.  The assigned Registered Nurse will perform additional health assessments and reassessments as necessary and will develop and implement an individualized care plan, review progress and adjust the care plan as necessary to ensure that the member continues to receive an appropriate level of care. The Registered Nurse also documents all of orientation; health assessments, reassessment, and care plan findings.


Confidentiality and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) for privacy and protection of members data and medical record must be maintained at all times. AST Senior Care Options requires that all health care providers comply with standards under the  The privacy of any information that identifies a particular member must be  safeguarded. Information from or copies of member’s medical record may only be released to authorized individuals.



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For inquiry please call our nurse line @ 1-800-301-6198

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